Handling Procedure for the Logo Marks and Posters of The 1st Okinawa Karate World Junior Tournament


Article 1
This procedure defines the requirements for usage of the tournament logo marks and poster (hereinafter: “Logo Marks, Etc.”) as defined by The 1st Okinawa Karate World Junior Tournament Executive Committee (hereinafter: “The Executive Committee”).


Design of the Logo Marks, Etc.

Article 2
The design and colors of the Logo Marks, Etc. shall be as defined in the Appendix.
2. Users of the Logo Marks, Etc. (hereinafter: “The Users”) may use the Logo Marks, Etc. with the design and colors as specified above and other adjustments made as necessary.



Article 3
All applicable rights are reserved by The Executive Committee.


Applying for Usage

Article 4
The Users must receive the permission of the chairman of The 1st Okinawa Karate World Junior Tournament Executive Committee (hereinafter: “The Chairman”) in advance. However, this restriction does not apply for the following circumstances.
(1) Usage by Okinawa Prefecture and the Okinawa Karatedo Shinkokai for the purpose of advertising The 1st Okinawa Karate World Junior Tournament (hereinafter: “The World Junior Tournament”) or contributing to promotion of Okinawa karate.
(2) Usage by newspapers, TV, magazines, or other media organizations for reporting purposes


2. Individuals wishing to apply for the aforementioned permission must submit a Usage Application (Form No. 1) to The Chairman, with the following items attached.
(1) A completed sample showing the usage content for the Logo Marks, Etc. (If the Logo Marks, Etc. have been modified as described in Article 2-2, the content of these modifications should be clear.)
(2) A company history or other documentation identifying the business content of the applicant
(3) Other materials considered necessary by The Chairman


Usage Permissions

Article 5
After receiving a usage application as defined in the previous article, The Chairman shall inspect the contents, and may grant permission for the applicable usage (hereinafter: “Usage Permission”) if he determines it will be beneficial for the advertising The 1st Okinawa Karate World Junior Tournament and promoting Okinawa Karate. In this case, The Chairman may also apply additional requirements or conditions for the Logo Marks, Etc. usage method if he determines this is necessary.
2. When The Chairman carries out Usage Permission, he shall issue a Usage Permission (Form No. 2) to The Users.


Usage Permission Restrictions

Article 6
If any of the following apply to the usage of the Logo Marks, Etc., The Chairman shall not grant permission.
(1) The usage violates laws, ordinances, or public morals
(2) The usage has a negative effect on people’s impressions of Okinawa Karate
(3) The usage inhibits the profit of a third party
(4) The usage is supporting a specific individual, political party, or religious organization, or there is a suspicion of said support
(5) The User is operating the type of business identified in Article 2 of the Act on Control and Improvement of Amusement Business, etc. (Act No. 122 of 1948) or has a relationship with businesses of said type
(6) The Usage is determined inappropriate by The Chairman for some other reason


Usage Prohibitions

Article 7
The Chairman may issue usage prohibitions to individuals using the Logo Marks, Etc. without permission.


Precautions for Use

Article 8
The Users must comply with the following requirements.
(1) Usage must be limited to the scope for which approval was granted.
(2) Completed versions of the works, exposure items, products, etc. (hereinafter: “Works, Etc.”) for the applicable usage. However, a photo is acceptable for objects which would be difficult to submit.
(3) The rights granted in the Usage Permission cannot be transferred.
(4) When carrying out usage, sales, promotion, and advertising of Works, Etc. which use the Logo Marks, Etc., The Users must display the document number of their Usage Permission on the applicable Works, Etc. and their packaging. However, if this would have a severe impact on the aesthetics or functionality of the Works, Etc. and The User has received approval from The Chairman, this requirement may be waived.


Changes to Permission Content

Article 9
If The Users intend to make changes to the permission content, they must submit a Changes Request (Form No. 3) to The Chairman and receive his approval.
2. When The Chairman receives a change request form in the case of the previous clause, if he determines the changes to be appropriate, he shall issue a Change Approval (Form No. 4).


Cancellation of Usage Permission

Article 10
In any of the conditions below, The Chairman may cancel the applicable Usage Permission and request measures such as collection of the materials using the Logo Marks, Etc. from The Users. The Users can no longer use the Logo Marks, Etc., starting from the day their Usage Permission is canceled.
(1) The Users have violated these procedures
(2) The usage content has been determined fraudulent
(3) Continued usage of the Logo Marks, Etc. has been determined inappropriate for some other reason
2. The Chairman shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any damages suffered by The Users related to a cancellation of Usage Permission as defined in the previous clause.
3. The Chairman may request reports on and investigate the conditions of The Users’ usage of the Logo Marks, Etc.


Exclusive Use Prohibition

Article 11
Usage Permission granted in accordance with this procedure does not grant exclusive usage rights for Logo Marks, Etc. by The Users as trademarks or proprietary designs.


Burden of Expenses

Article 12
The Executive Committee shall bear no responsibility for expenses involved in applying for Usage Permission or carrying out subsequent usage in accordance with this procedure.


Responsibility for Loss Compensation

Article 13
The Executive Committee shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any loss compensation related to permission for usage of the Logo Marks, Etc.
2. If flaws in Works, Etc. created by The Users with usage of the Logo Marks, Etc. cause losses to any third party, The Users shall bear full responsibility for said losses and shall handle the situation without causing problems for The Executive Committee.
3. If The Users cause damages to The Executive Committee related to their usage of the Logo Marks, Etc. either intentionally or by negligence, The Users must pay reparations to The Executive Committee commensurate with said losses.


Disclosure of Information

Article 14
The Chairman may disclose information related to Usage Permission conditions with the intention of promoting usage of the Logo Marks, Etc.



Article 15
Paperwork related to this procedure shall be carried out by the offices of The 1st Okinawa Karate International Tournament Executive Committee.


Miscellaneous Rules

Article 16
In addition to the matters defined by this procedure, The Chairman shall separately define requirement items for the handling of the Logo Marks, Etc.


Miscellaneous Rules

This procedure will be implemented from August 23, 2021.


Appendix (Related to Article 2)

1. Tournament logo marks

(1) Logo only


(2) Logo with text (English)


(3) Logo with text (English and Japanese)


2. Tournament posters

(1) Poster (Japanese)


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Usage Application forThe 1st Okinawa Karate World Junior Tournament Logo Marks and Tournament Posters

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